Project Spotlight

Ecole Gron Morgan School


Thunder Bay, ON
Scope: 7,000 sq ft of Level-Right poured at a depth of 0.5" to 3"
General Contractor:
Whitehall Contractors
Thunder Bay, ON
PBK Architects
Thunder Bay, ON
Durwest Construction
Winnipeg, MB

Overview: When it was time to renovate the gym of the Ecole Gron Morgan School, Durwest was contacted to recommend a  substitute for an expensive product. Durwest and Maxxon helped to determine Level-Right as a suitable substitution.  When the old flooring was removed, the general contractor found that asphaltic filler had been used in deep areas.  The filler was removed and Level-Right capped the remaining residue and provided a flat, hard finish poured in just two lifts. After passing a moisture test, Level-Right was ready for VCT.