Project Spotlight

Carre-Richelieu Condominiums

Gyp-Crete 2000®/3.2K

Châteauguay, Quebec
  • 15,600 sq. ft. of Gyp-Crete® 2000/3.2K poured at a depth of 1-1/4"


J. Dagenais Architechte

Châteauguay, Quebec

General Contractor:
Les Habitations Armani
St-Constant, Quebec 
Maxxon Dealer:
Béton Autonivelant SGI

Châteauguay, Quebec

Overview: In the design and construction of this 48 unit, wood frame condo building, fire safety was a top priority.  Maxxon’s Gyp-Crete 2000/3.2K was poured at a depth of 1-1/4”.  In addition to providing a strong, smooth surface ready to receive finished floor goods, Gyp-Crete 2000/3.2K will help to reduce airborne sound transmitted through the floor/ceiling assembly.