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Specialty Products List

Maxxon  Commercial Profile is a spray-applied, direct-to-concrete cleaner and profiler designed to purge the insoluble salts and contaminants from the concrete surface, while creating a CSP of 1-4 without the need for shotblasting. Maxxon Commercial Profile increases porosity and reduces high alkalinity, creating a clean concrete surface that promotes bonding of Maxxon  primers and underlayments. Maxxon Commercial Profile is biodegradable and cleans up easily with water.
Maxxon® Commercial Isolate is a two-part, water-based epoxy that prevents the migration of moisture vapor and abatement chemicals out of the concrete slab. It is designed to create an isolating barrier to protect flooring systems from asbestos and chemically-abated slabs. Maxxon Commercial Isolate can also be used over chemically-abated concrete, old adhesive cutback, asphalt-based products, old adhesives, well secured VAT, VCT and/or ceramic tiles, and other solid surfaces. Capped with a Maxxon® underlayment system, Maxxon® Commercial Isolate provides a permanent barrier protecting the flooring.

Maxxon® Reinforcement (MR)
A light, highly durable, no memory alternative to metal lath. Composed of a PVC coated non-woven fiberglass grid, it is dimensionally stable in hot weather and does not become brittle in cold weather.

ASR Barrier
Maxxon® Commercial ASR Barrier, is a spray applied surface treatment for concrete slabs suffering from Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR). Maxxon Commercial ASR Barrier blocks the formation of bond-breaking efflorescence on the slab’s surface, extending the life of floor coverings. When combined with Maxxon Commercial Isolate, the barrier system not only protects the slab surface from efflorescence, it provides moisture mitigation up to 100% RH, up to 25 lbs MVER and pH ≤14. A complete Maxxon® Commercial floor system can be tailored to clean and treat old and new concrete slabs, add moisture control and facilitate hassle-free flooring installation.